A Good Burger in Chiang Mai

A burger in Chiang Mai is an adventure in itself. The city is full of slicing tongues, tangy lemongrass, and shrimp paste, and finding a great burger can be a challenge. Mc D, BK, and other fast food chains are everywhere, but BB Burger near Thapae is a better option than the usual fast food outlets. While it’s certainly not a gourmet burger, it’s far better than a regular fast food joint.

Beast Burger

The casual eatery has a rooftop deck and serves hearty made-to-order burgers. The atmosphere is relaxed, and the open-kitchen design offers a good view of the rooftop.

Mike’s burger

If you’re looking for a cheap, tasty burger in Chiang Mai, Mike’s burger is your ticket. From just 25 baht for a Singha burger to 100 baht for a Double-Double, you’ll find something to satisfy your hunger at Mike’s. Other great choices include hot dogs at 40 baht or chili fries at 70 baht.

Mike’s burger is a three-dimensional cheeseburger

TheĀ burger chiang mai Mike’s burger is an American-style diner with classic burgers and fries on Moon Muang Road. Its massive cheeseburger is about the size of a human head. It comes with jumbo hand-cut fries and costs 300 baht. The staff are friendly and happy to chat with you. They remember what you like and what you don’t. You can always order a thai-style or vegetarian burger if you want.

Mike’s burger is a vegan burger

In Chiang Mai, Mike’s burger is one of the best places to eat a vegan burger. The restaurant features vegan burgers and fries. The staff are friendly, knowledgeable, and crack jokes, and they know their customers’ dietary preferences and allergies. You can even order a vegan milkshake or onion rings, and they’ll know just what to order.

Mike’s burger is a chain restaurant

The chain restaurant Mike’s burger was a landmark of Chiang Mai for many years, but it has recently closed. The old sign has been replaced by a sign for BB Burgers. Both restaurants offer burgers and sandwiches and are located in the same building. While Mike’s burger was a Chiang Mai institution, things have been going downhill since he first opened it.

Mike’s burger is fresh minced beef

A Mike’s burger is a freshly prepared, 100% beef patty on a sesame seed bun. The beef is seasoned and cooked fresh when ordered. Two slices of American cheese and a touch of creamy mayo are stacked on top. The beef is then served on a soft sesame seed bun.

Mike’s burger is mac and cheese

Captain Mike’s is one of the most popular places for burgers in the area. Their mac ‘n cheese is especially famous, and they also offer a build-your-own burger option. They also offer a variety of weekly specials. They are also the original Captain Mike.