Commercial Power Washing

Pressure washing is a method of cleaning that involves high-pressure water jetting over non-porous materials such as stone, brick, marble, concrete, asphalt, wood and peat to remove built up dirt, grease, moss, lichen, fungus, algae and mildew. It’s used in commercial applications and is a popular method of car washing and painting. Pressure washing is also the process of using high-pressure hot water spray for the removal of loose paint, dirt, moss, lichen, fungus, algae and mildew from hard surfaces like concrete, bricks, and wood. Pressure washing is one of the simplest methods of effective removal of grease, oil and grime from interlocking elements of buildings.

Pressure washing

Many home pressure washing services offer complete cleaning and surface preparation, starting with the inspection of your home’s exterior. The company will typically do this work before they arrive, but you can usually have the entire process done at the same time if you prefer. If you don’t have the time to spend on prepping your home, you can let the company do the work for you so long as you are willing to give them access to your driveway and parking lot. Of course, your patios are also a good candidate for thorough pressure washing.

Power washing your patios is an excellent way to prepare them for the sale or rental market. If you already have a nice-looking patio or yard, it might be a good idea to do a power washing before you put your house on the market. This will attract more potential buyers and increase the overall value of your property. Even if you just want to reduce the appearance of your driveways and parking lots, power washing services can do just that.

There are many different kinds of power washing equipment available, and there are even more kinds of chemicals and cleaning solutions for homeowners to choose from. You can choose to use hot or cold pressure washing systems, along with power washing solutions designed specifically for wood, brick, stone, tiles, and concrete. You can find power washing products that are safe for your family, which means that your children and pets will not be in danger when using them. These products are designed to clean hard surfaces like porches, decks, and outdoor furniture, as well as softer surfaces like vinyl and linoleum.

Pressure washing services for hard surfaces can include everything from cleaning driveways to cleaning the siding of your home. The siding of your home is especially susceptible to damage from rain and snow and to deterioration from exposure to the sun and bleach. Pressure washing your siding can remove years of dirt and damage and make your house look new again. If you’re selling your home, power washing your siding can add value and ensure that your home gets the attention it deserves. If you’re interested in selling your home, a power wash will help you make sure that the inside and outside look great and will increase the marketability of your property.

If you have mold or mildew problems in your garage or basement, you might be surprised to learn that high pressure washing can eliminate much of the mold and mildew. Even hardwood floors can benefit from a power washer service, as high pressure washers can remove the grimy buildup of dirt and stains that can occur with heavy traffic on a hardwood floor. In addition to all of this, you might want to consider the health benefits of a power washer for your garage or basement. Professional pressure washers can reduce the amount of bacteria that build up in your garage and basement and they can help kill off any types of mold or mildew. This is especially beneficial if you live in a moist climate where mold and mildew can be common.