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If you are facing a criminal charge in Strathmore, Alberta, you will need to know the law. Criminal matters in Strathmore are handled in a court that convenes on the first & third Tuesday and Friday of each month. These court sessions are packed with trials, preliminary court appearances, and sentence hearings. Unlike major metropolitan centres, where there are usually 15 to 20 courtrooms in operation at any given time, the Strathmore court is unique because it is run by a single judge and clerk.

RCMP release individuals charged with domestic violence without a formal bail hearing

The DVTO process begins with a police report of domestic violence. TheĀ strathmore criminal lawyer RCMP then investigates the incident using a specialized risk assessment guide. If it is determined that the suspect does not deserve an arrest, the police release them with conditions, including a no-contact order and a requirement to report to the bail supervisor.

Private criminal lawyers represent clients charged with a criminal offence in Strathmore

A private criminal lawyer in Strathmore can help you fight your charges in court. In Alberta, the Strathmore Provincial Criminal Court hears all types of criminal cases, from assault to impaired driving. Almost all criminal defence lawyers will take on a case involving impaired driving, and there are many such lawyers in Strathmore.

If you are charged with a criminal offence, your first step is to request a court date. Although the court only sits on the first Friday of every month, you should ask for a date as soon as possible. Usually, the RCMP will offer you a court date that is two to four weeks away.

You may be entitled to reduced fees if you choose to represent yourself in court. Criminal law attorneys charge differently based on the severity of the charge. Felonies are more serious than misdemeanors, and require more court appearances and preparation. Likewise, they may be able to negotiate a better plea deal for you than court-appointed counsel.

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