GTK Marine Power

GTK Marine Power offers a wide range of services for the design, installation, commissioning, and maintenance of renewable energy systems on ships and offshore structures. We can also supply batteries for emergency back-up power storage on vessels and for land-based applications including voltage stabilization of solar power facilities.

Display Technologies for Marine and Offshore Applications

GTK Marine Power provides displays in a wide range of sizes and formats, with options for optical bonding to enhance performance indoors or outdoors. This technology can improve visibility, contrast and readability in bright sunlight conditions.

Connectors for High Current/High Density Applications

GTK provides a series of 3mm pitch connectors for applications that require current up to 5A in single and dual row configurations, with snap-in pegs for optimum retention on the PCB. They are also polarised to prevent mis-mating and feature isolated terminals for maximum contact protection.

Battery Technologies for Marine and Offshore Applications

GTK can supply a wide range of high quality VRLA and hybrid marine and offshore batteries, in-cooperation with Furukawa Batteries. These battery solutions can be supplied as part of a larger integrated renewable energy system or as stand-alone units with cables. They are available in specially designed marine grade frames, with pre-configured mounting racks or in standalone units with large capacity capacities.

Flotation machines and Coriolis meters for process monitoring and control

GTK Mintec is equipped with a modern fleet of froth flotation cells, installed as part of the renewal of the pilot plant equipment in 2012. Next-generation froth flotation machines are designed to enable more efficient and material-efficient processes. They also have smart sensors and sensing elements, allowing enhanced monitoring and control of the process.

XRF Analyzers for Process Testing and Optimization

GTK utilizes an online XRF analyzer in its pilot plant operations to monitor the raw material potential and tailings properties of its processes, as well as for process optimization [61]. The Courier(r) 6i SL XRF analyzer is an ideal solution for real-time process monitoring and control. It enables frequent assays and faster process development, resulting in higher plant productivity.

ML-Based Tools for Image Segmentation and Elemental Mapping in Labs

GTk is also working on new ML-based tools that can improve image segmentation and elemental mapping in its laboratory environments. These tools, which can be based on neural networks and machine learning approaches, will help speed up the analysis of samples, enabling a greater use of visual data collected in GTK’s laboratories.

All these digital technologies support the goals of the GTK Mintec and Circular Economy Solutions unit to excel in customer service. Moreover, they improve process stability; increase safety and maintenance; reduce production costs; improve transparency of the results of the research performed in GTK’s facilities; and improve our knowledge about the processes involved.