Plumber Services Katy TX

The term “Katy TX plumbers” refers to any individual or company that installs, repairs, or maintains water-related equipment. Plumbers are necessary for domestic, commercial, agricultural, and industrial plumbing needs. Plumbing, as a profession, employs skilled technicians who use specialized equipment and devices to connect piping systems to supply water. Plumbers work under the supervision of licensed professionals such as a water manager or a water engineer. A plumber can become a certified commercial plumber if he has successfully completed all education and training requirements.


In most households, a plumber is employed to fix leaky faucets, install toilet and kitchen plumbing, install vent fans, repair gas appliances, install cable, joint high-pressure, and electric water pipes; fix bathtubs; install insulating materials; repair flooring; install ceilings and wall tiles; install sinks and showers; and maintain steam ducts. Plumbers also provide services for drain cleaning and sewage treatment. In some large commercial and industrial plants, plumbers install and repair the main water supply, sewer lines, storm drain system, and septic tank. Plumbers are also called on to attend pipe fittings, repair defective valves, and repair water heaters and dehumidifiers.

There are two types of plumbers; the first is a direct hanger, which may work on insulating material, pipe fittings, fixing fixed plumbing, and fixing gas and electric connections; and the second is an indirect hanger, which may work on insulating material, pipe fittings, fixing gas and electric connections, and repairing water or gas pipes. Plumbers who work in residential communities may also do window washing, siding, and painting, along with small bathroom fixtures. Plumbers who work in businesses may work in call centers, warehouses, shopping malls, office buildings, hospitals, and government facilities. A plumber may work in a variety of industries including chemical, construction, electrical, chemical service, telecommunication, power, refrigeration, and food processing.

Plumbing systems are essential in modern life, as they keep people comfortable. Water pipes are constructed to carry large quantities of water and convey it to outlets where it is needed. They are cleaned and maintained regularly, as dirt, grease, and debris can cause major problems if not removed. Problems in the plumbing can cause damage to fixtures and reduce the efficiency of water flow. A plumber can inspect water lines and make necessary changes when needed.

Plumbers may be called to perform maintenance work on drainage systems, pipe fittings, and fixtures such as faucets and toilets. They can also perform construction projects such as laying water pipes, installing sewer lines and storm drain, and installing fire escapes. They may be called to replace worn out or damaged plumbing materials. A plumber may be called to replace or fix a water supply line that has been destroyed by leaks or other damages. He/she may be called to repair damaged septic tanks. In cases of severe flooding, a plumber is needed to pump water from damaged houses and clean up the cleanup site.

Natural gas and water plumbing must be inspected and serviced by licensed plumbers. These plumbing systems involve delicate pipe works and are not something plumbers can take on themselves. Most commercial plumbing concerns, however, do not involve natural gas or water lines, as residential homes and businesses do not pose any risk to these types of systems. As long as a plumber is qualified and licensed, he/she should be able to repair most problems that occur with plumbing systems. However, if there are problems that are beyond a plumber’s skill, he/she should refer the homeowner or business owner to a contractor experienced with plumbing issues.