Stucco Repair in Miami and Florida

Stucco repair in Miami can be costly. This is true regardless of the quality of material that you choose. It’s best to understand a few key points about stucco installation in order to make your money go further. Take the time to explore the following information to ensure that you get the most for your money when choosing a stucco repair contractor in Miami.

stucco repair Miami

Quikrete stucco – This particular product has been used for decades by the elite and well-heeled Miami homeowners. This finish is highly resistant to the elements such as wind, rain and snow. If you are going to use this material, it’s best to consult with experts in the field to determine the right preparation and protection schedule. They will also tell you how to properly clean your product in order to keep it looking its best. Quikrete stucco repair Miami can be quite pricey but it is also worth every penny. Just be prepared to spend a little extra in order to guarantee the longevity of your home’s exterior.

Surrounding stucco fireplaces – If you live on the southern end of the state, there may be some problems with the local utilities. Since storm water run-offs may contain raw sewage, it may be necessary to install a sewer pipeline in order to better serve your area. Unfortunately, pipes that extend underground may become blocked by algae and tree roots over time. If you’re unable to access these areas via a conventional route or simply prefer the natural appearance of stucco color, then you should consider covering your pipes with a plastic stucco color to hide the unsightly pipes.

Fence installations – In many cases, homeowners need to replace the pre-existing vinyl siding with an authentic stucco wall panel in order to replace the existing fence panels. However, many homeowners fail to realize that replacing the vinyl fence with stucco will require the removal of the pre-existing trim and fascia. In most cases, a professional stucco repair contractor will take the damaged pieces and incorporate them into the new design. The only drawback to this stucco repair procedure is that it requires the removal of your existing vinyl siding. If you are not comfortable removing your existing vinyl trim or fascia, then you might want to consider stucco siding installation over the vinyl fence.

Exterior wall cladding – If your home is being built as a one-story house, then you have the opportunity to utilize a stucco block as the exterior wall of your home. Although this stucco block option will not offer the same amount of protection as a stucco wall that spans across the entire exterior of your home, it will still provide you with a sleek, modern look. Some stucco blocks in imitation of stone or brick may also be used. For exterior wall coating, the most common method used is a combination of stone and stucco. Although this method can also create an attractive look, most stone contractors and stucco installers do not recommend using this method since this type of coating does not last as long as stucco paint.

Plastic Stucco – Although a relatively new finish, plastic stucco is becoming more popular with many homeowners. This type of stucco is made by combining the features of both stone and aluminum stucco. Because it mimics the texture of natural stones, the plastic stucco finish can be quite smooth and can even be refinished in the future to look just like real stone or brick. However, this type of stucco often cracks very easily. Installing this type of stucco is best left to the professionals.