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If you need tax help in Los Angeles, a skilled and reputable tax attorney can guide you through the process. Whether you need to file back taxes, pay penalties, or remove a tax lien, a tax attorney can help. A tax attorney can also provide you with legal representation when you are facing an audit.

The IRS can levy your assets, seize your property, and take your money. In addition, if you are unable to pay your taxes, you could lose your tax credits. If you are worried about the stress and expense of paying off your tax debt, seek out the services of a tax lawyer in Los Angeles.

If you have unpaid taxes, you can request an Offer in Compromise. This program can help you settle your back taxes if you make less than $100,000 a year. You can also apply for Currently Non-Collectible Status to stop the collection process. However, you must speak with a licensed Enrolled Agent to determine if you are eligible for this type of help.

In addition to removing your tax liens, an Enrolled Agent can help you with your payroll and business issues. He can also prepare your back taxes and help you get a fresh start. When you hire an Enrolled Agent, you’ll be able to rest easy knowing that your taxes are taken care of.

If you are looking for a tax lawyer in Los Angeles, you’ll want to choose one that has extensive experience in a variety of practice areas. Pamela Tahim Thakur is a founding partner at Thakur Law Firm, and she specializes in litigating and resolving individual and class action cases. She has a broad range of legal experience, including complex litigation, administrative hearings, and individual and class action trials.

In addition to handling a variety of litigation cases, she has tried cases in both state and federal court. ThisĀ Tax Lawyer Los Angeles experience gives her a valuable edge in resolving your tax disputes.

Taxes in Los Angeles can be tough, especially for high income earners. In fact, a failure to file taxes is a felony. Despite this, many people have trouble dealing with the IRS. A reputable tax attorney in Los Angeles can offer assistance and help you avoid problems.

If you need help with your taxes, you can contact the Hillhurst Tax Group for a free consultation. You can call the office at 323-409-08 or send an email to During your free consultation, a qualified tax attorney in Los Angeles can review your case and discuss your options. The staff at the Hillhurst Tax Group has a solid reputation for settling tax debts, and they have an impressive success rate in this area.

If you are in need of a tax attorney in Los Angeles, you can count on the experienced staff at the Hillhurst Tax Group. They have a high success rate in resolving IRS problems, and they will work closely with you to find the best solution for your needs.

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