There are many law firms in Sandton that can provide you with legal assistance

There are many law firms in Sandton that can provide you with legal assistance. These law firms include Van Hulsteyn, Feltham and Ford, Werksmans, Zizipa Attorneys, and Magma Incorporated Attorneys. Choosing the best law firm in Sandton is a good idea if you need help with a legal case.

Van Hulsteyn, Feltham and Ford

This is the oldest law firm in the area and has its origins in Johannesburg’s early years. Its partners included Lewis Peter Ford, Carl Jeppe, and Sir Willem Van Hulsteyn, all of whom represented clients in some of the most significant cases in South African history. These partners include the renowned Robinson v Randfontein Estates Gold Mining Co, which was brought by the firm’s founder Sir Willem Van Hulsteym. This law firm was also named after Johann Rissik, a Johannesburg street.

Magma Incorporated Attorneys

Magma Incorporated Attorneys is a firm that focuses on ensuring clients are protected in court. It has over 25 years of experience in different areas of law and prides itself on its resources and well-equipped staff. The firm also offers a number of different types of legal advice.

Magma Incorporated Attorneys is a prestigious and diverse law firm based in the heart of Sandton, Africa’s economic hub. It is 100% black-owned and has earned BBB-EE level one certification. TheĀ law firms in sandton firm was established in June 2000, when it was formerly known as Magale Masemola Attorneys. It has since grown to become the premier law firm in Africa and has a long history of providing a range of legal services.


Werksmans is a law firm that has been in business for almost a century. Its diverse team of lawyers works together with a common service philosophy. With a deep understanding of business and its imperatives, they focus on the right legal outcome for their clients.

The firm specializes in corporate and commercial law. It also provides legal services in the fields of cybercrime, data privacy, and intellectual property. Its clients range from agriculture to construction to consumer goods and energy.

Zizipa Attorneys

Zizipa Attorneys in Sandton is a 100% owner-owned law firm offering legal services for business and individuals in Sandton. Their experienced attorneys handle a broad range of legal matters. They can assist you with any matter from business transactions to estate planning. They also provide free team management and advanced plans for their clients.