Virtual Realistic Adventure by Levelup

Situated in downtown Toronto, Levelup Truth VR Game is the premier virtual reality gallery of its kind in Canada. The advanced venue boasts an outstanding collection of games as well as experiences.

First-class client service as well as a wide range of state-of-the-art leisure activities make Level Up a must-see for the whole family members. Choose from archery tag, augmented reality city games, bumper football, gellyball, or the immersive virtual reality escape spaces.

The most effective method to experience Level Up is by scheduling one of our bespoke packages or an exclusive team experience. Our team of expert personnel will guarantee you have a blast as well as take pleasure in all that we have to offer.

Our most recent and also most exciting addition is the Zero Latency VR, an advanced, interactive technology that’s taking the amusement world by tornado!

As the name suggests, this virtual reality innovation utilizes artificial intelligence and also a series of sensors to produce a full-motion VR movie experience that’s fun, amusing, and also extremely interactive.

Considering the number of gamers who are currently gathering to virtual reality arcadesĀ Levelup Reality VR Arcade for the most up to date as well as greatest in virtual reality gaming, this innovative tech will likely continue to be a trend for the direct future.

The aforementioned Absolutely no Latency VR is one of many cool devices that you’ll locate at Level Up, however one of the most remarkable is the multi-player VR video games and experiences they need to offer. The company has no less than 4 headsets as well as a massive collection of video games and also experiences– there’s something for everybody! The best component is that you don’t have to leave the building. You can likewise get drinks from their bar and also treat food selection. The very best part is you’ll have a great time while you go to it!