Wai Kai Wave – The World’s First Deep-Standing Artificial Wave

Wai Kai Wave is the world’s first 100-foot-wide, adjustable deep-water standing surf wave and Hawaii’s first deep-standing artificial wave. It was designed and created in collaboration with local surfer Shane Beschen, an X Games gold medalist, former world number two surfer and Red Bull high-performance surf coach. Powered by Citywave, it creates authentic surfing conditions for people of all skill levels and features a barefoot zone for non-surfers to try their hand at the sport.

The Wai Kai Wave is the perfect destination for beginners and intermediate surfers to develop their skills in an accelerated learning environment. Beschen and other professional surfers will provide hands-on instruction and training sessions for those wanting to get started in the sport of surfing.

Using patented technology, the 100-foot-wide adjustable wave emulates famous natural standing waves like the Oahu North Shore’s Waimea River Sand Bar or the Eisbach River in Munich. Its deep water creates a natural wave shape with perfect glassy surface. It can be used with standard surfboards with fins for carving turns and top-to-bottom surfing.

It’s a safe place for kids and first-timers to learn to ride the wave, with a helmet included. Children can hang onto a grab-bar, which accelerates their learning curve. TheĀ atthelineup.com pool is padded with foam and a special spray system provides extra safety and comfort.

Beschen’s sons, Noah and Koda, are aspiring pro-surfers and are already training regularly on the Wai Kai Wave to take their surfing careers to the next level. They have a strong connection with the company behind the citywave technology and were instrumental in helping them refine their technology.

As the world’s leading wave attraction and a major tourism development, the Wai Kai Wave will be accompanied by a resort-inspired lifestyle experience delivering entertainment and dining focused on wellness, families, arts and culture and seasonal celebrations for every season. The project is set within Hoakalei Resort in Ewa Beach and will open in mid 2022.

The project’s amenities include a 52-acre lagoon for water sports, three delectable restaurants, sprawling event lawn with waterfront fire pits, private club and unique retail shops. It will also feature a sheltered area for stand-up paddling (SUP), kayaks, guided outrigger canoes and piloted electric boat cruises.

It will also feature a special events lawn area to host farmers and makers markets, local arts and cultural activities, music and other gatherings. Its 61,200-square-foot Event Lawn and 12,600-square-foot Surfside Lawn will offer ample space for a wide range of group functions from small family reunions to large corporate celebrations.

Located 35 minutes from Honolulu, it will be a central gathering spot for locals and visitors to connect with the Hawaiian spirit of Aloha.

A Surf Academy

The Wai Kai Wave will be paired with a surf academy developed in collaboration with Oahu native and former world-ranked surfer Shane Beschen, an x games gold medalist and Red Bull high-performance surf coach. He has worked with citywave to develop a series of programs for beginners, intermediate and advanced surfers to help them advance their skills in an accelerated learning environment.